hfc20r_00afee1 Fure Fure Sprinter For Speedy writing, the Fure Fure is back with cool speed shadows in the form of a Sprinter. Ready, Shake, Sprinter!
blgcm4._f0851c G-Tec-C Maica The 0.3/0.4mm balls are mounted by making 3 dimples on a fine stainless steel pipe. The width of stroke is incredibly small 0.15/0.2mm.
bab15mrbg_ec1e1e Acroball 1.0mm (Begreen) Promising an uninterupted and smooth surface writing experience with perfect grip.
blrtfr5b_272322 Frixion ball Clicker 05 Just click to start writing - Frixion ball with easy one-handed operation!
lfbs18ufao_f0851c Frixion Ball Slim 0.38 Roller ball pen with epoch-making "FRIXION ink". Ink colour disappears with friction using the rubber tail tip on the pen. The colour reappears at the temperature of -10 degrees C or lower.
lfbtrf30uf3_00afee Refill for Frixion Slim Ink Refills

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