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Company Profile


Founded in 1918 in Japan, Pilot Corporation, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality writing instruments in the world.

Set up as a subsidiary company in 1985, Pilot Pen (S) Pte Ltd is part of an international network of 18 subsidiaries under Pilot Corporation.

A forward-looking, innovative company, Pilot Pen Singapore has established its presence as a leading brand of disposable writing instruments in the country over the years. For the daily user, Pilot Pen offers a diverse range with modern designs and broad range of nibs for all categories of handwriting.

As a well-recognised and trusted brand, promoting education and learning is a pillar of Pilot Pen Singapore’s ongoing CSR initiatives towards inspiring the younger generation to follow their passions and realise their dreams.

Did You Know?

The First in Japan to Produce a Fountain Pen with a Gold Nib

  • Pilot was the first company in Japan to produce a fountain pen with a gold nib.
  • It specifically catered to the writing of complicated Japanese characters.

We Care About Our Environment

  • As part of our sustainability initiatives, we constantly explore the use of renewable materials in our products.
  • The Pilot B2P (bottle to pen) comprises 99.7% recycled materials.

We Adhere to the Highest Quality Standards for Our Products

  • To ensure durability, all Pilot ballpoint pens are constructed with stainless steel tips.

The First to Produce a Retractable, Capless Fountain Pen

  • Pilot produced the first retractable, capless fountain pen in 1963.