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CSR Projects

“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world”


At Pilot Pen Singapore, we firmly believe in the role of education as an enabler for uplifting society, and its importance in helping the young pursue their dreams.

Over the years, we have undertaken several initiatives to give back to the community through various CSR projects and sponsorship programmes.

Sponsorship Programmes

We provide writing instruments to children in both local and overseas initiatives to aid the young in the pursuit of their dreams through education.

To date, Pilot Pen Singapore has reached out to various neighbouring countries including Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. We have also contributed aid to projects reaching as far as Nepal and Kenya.

Pilot Pen Community Champion Award

We also partnered with Singapore Management University (SMU) for the inaugural Pilot Pen Community Champion Award from 2014 to 2018. The award aims to recognise outstanding contributions and dedication of SMU students in community service with four awards awarded annually to students.

Pilot Pen 100th Anniversary CSR Project – ‘Colour Our World’

In celebration of Pilot Pen’s 100th Anniversary in 2018, Pilot Pen Singapore collaborated with Rainbow Centre to create limited-edition pen sets exclusively to raise funds for the local social organisation for persons with disabilities.

Working with partners like Rainbow Centre, we aim to create opportunities for persons with disabilities to express their unfettered creativity and participate meaningfully in society.

Named ‘Colour Our World’, the campaign was launched with the creation of original artworks by four student artists from Rainbow Centre’s Talent Art Programme using a variety of Pilot’s products.

Featuring graphic elements such as lines, patterns and shapes, the student artists’ original creations were individual reflections of their life experiences, emotions and interests.

The completed artworks were then digitalised, with portions selected to adorn the barrels of Pilot’s popular Acroball ballpoint pen.

“We had a lot of fun working on ‘Colour Our World’. It is a meaningful project for us and I am really proud of our creations. We cannot wait to share our pen designs with others – I hope they will like what they see.

– Danial Issac Bin Abdullah, one of the student artists in the campaign.

Campaign Highlights

All proceeds from the online sale of the pen sets and the auction were donated to Rainbow Centre as part of Pilot Pen Singapore’s CSR efforts.

Limited-edition pens in sets of four were sold exclusively online at S$10 per set via the ‘Colour Our World’ microsite hosted by Pilot Pen Singapore

All original art pieces by the students were put up for online auction on the microsite