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Juice Paint Markers

Juice Paint Markers


Item code: SJP120EF/F/M & SJP240EF/F/M

Pilot Juice Paint brings all of your ideas to every material. Perfect for drawing, colouring, decorating, marking, writing, calligraphy, and more. With its ultra-covering power, Pilot Juice Paint puts colour anywhere you want it! This pigment-rich water-based ink covers any surface, even the darkest ones. Paper, glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, fabric and even porous and dark surfaces. Embark on a creative journey with Pilot Juice Paint sets!

Colours included in the Pastel set of 6: Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Orange, Pastel Pink, Pastel Violet and Pastel Yellow ($16.20)

Colours included in the Metallic set of 6: Gold, Silver, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Pink and Metallic Violet ($16.20)

Colours included in the Basic Set of 12: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Violet, Light Blue, Brown, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Light Green and White ($32.40)

Sets are available in tip widths: Extra fine (0.7 mm), Fine (1.0 mm) and Medium (1.4 mm).


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