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Pen Roll Case

Pen Roll Case – Summer


A pen case made of soft cloth that is made from thinned wood, inspired by the four seasons.

“Thinning” is the process of cutting down excess trees to create space between trees when cultivating forests in Japan’s Satoyama and other artificial forests. By thinning trees, nutrients, moisture, and sunlight from the forest can easily reach the remaining trees, resulting in the growth of strong trees. Wood harvested through thinning is used for paper products such as chopsticks, copy paper, and envelopes, and in recent years, as wood biomass fuel.

Thinned cloth, used in “Kiro”, is a special cloth made from Japanese paper using thinned cedar and cypress wood from forests, twisting it into thread, and then weaving it with hemp and cotton. By using thinned cloth, we can promote the use of thinned wood itself and contribute to forest conservation and sustainable resource development in Japan.

“Summer colour” where you can feel the green of the forest covered with young leaves as summer approaches.

Material used: Outer Fabric – Thinned Cloth, Inner Fabric – Cotton
Dimensions: 197×57×35mm

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