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Made with a carefully calibrated combination of biomass plastics using raw materials from plants, the series consists of perennial Pilot Pen favourites such as the FriXion Clicker (with 16.7% biomass plastic*) and the Acroball pens (with 15.1% biomass plastic*). In addition to being eco-friendly alternatives to regular pens, the Pilot Biomass Acroball pen is all about its smooth low viscosity ink for incredibly effortless writing, making it a firm favourite amongst ballpoint pen lovers. Encased in a white pen barrel with a soothing pale green rubber grip reminiscent of plants, the Pilot Biomass Series was intentionally designed with a clean and minimalist look, alongside a sleek body and ergonomic rubber grip to ensure maximum comfort when writing.

Item Code:BAB15FTB-WBA

Ink Color: Black
Available Nib: 0.7mm

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