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Pilot SuperGrip G Ocean 10 Piece Box

SuperGrip G Ocean


Item code: BSGK10EFOP-OL

Made from materials recuperated from oceans, beaches, rivers, lakes and the banks of those waterways, the Pilot SuperGrip G Ocean Pen contains 2% of ocean plastic content (excluding its refill) with a rate of 74.1% of recycled materials used in its production.

The pen comes in a turquoise translucent casing, representing the calming shades of the ocean. Fitted with ‘Grid Grip’, a unique grid-textured rubber grip at the bottom for secure writing and maximum comfort, the pen also boasts a sleek silhouette that holds a slim tip of 0.5mm, refillable in blue-coloured oil-based ink. Its ergonomic design and smooth ink flow alleviate writing strain, making it an efficient and great choice of pen for students (especially during examinations), educators and other professionals.

The Pilot SuperGrip G Ocean Pen is the next step in Pilot Pen’s journey to create and produce eco-designed pens, to reduce the impact of its products on the planet and contribute to the fight against plastic pollution.

Each box contains 10 pens
Ballpoint Pen
Blue Ink
0.5mm (Extra Fine)

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