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Item code: WBMAVBM-M


One of Pilot Pen’s top-selling products, the Pilot V Board Master is a whiteboard marker made from 91% of recycled materials – the highest percentage across the Pilot BeGreen series. The marker comes equipped with a twin pipe feeder system that supports a stable writing density from start to finish, making your worries of having illegible whiteboard writings a thing of the past. Xylene-free marker with alcohol-based ink for pleasant odourless writing. Additionally, it comes with a cartridge refill system for easy refilling. For those looking to replace their worn-out medium-sized nibs without having to purchase a new Pilot V Board Master, there are also replaceable spare tips available exclusively on the Pilot e-store. Also available in Fine Bullet nib and Medium Chisel nib.

Refillable with WBSVBM.

Available colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Violet.

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