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Item code : ECTE-25K-5L

Designed with a retractable mechanism that allows users to rectify their mistakes instantly with just a click of a button. This time-saving function ensures that correction is so fuss-free, it does not break one’s writing momentum when notetaking, working on assignments or even journaling! Its optimal size and ergonomically-shaped body allows for a comfortable grip that delivers an ultra-smooth application. With just a gentle pressure, the tape glides across efficiently.

The White Line Knock R correction tape is developed with recycled materials and recognised as an environmentally friend product, as it proudly bears the Japan Eco Mark*.

Width of tape : 5mm

Length of tape : 6m

Refillable with : ECTRF-15K-5L

* Japan Eco Marker is an environment label that is attached to products and services that have a low environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle, from production to disposal, and are recognized as useful for environmental conservation. (

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